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Vastushastra goes hi –tech

Vastushastra goes hi –tech

Vastushastra goes hi –tech

Express News Service Mumbai April -22

There could not, perhaps, be a better example of the blend of an ancient Indian science and state of the art technology.

With the launch of a DOS based software system on April 20, the Unnaty Vastu Consultants (UVC) has become the first computer company to incorporate the applications and   niceties of Vastushastra on a floppy disk.

Vastu. Or Vastu shastra is a very old Indian science of architecture which is once again gaining popularity – film star Sunil dutt and former minister of railways jaffer sharief being among those who do believe that a house built in accordance to Vastu can bring good luck.

"Now we can easily furnish you with Comprehensive computerized Vastu reports .be it a small flat or a vast plot. “Said the man behind this ‘Unique merger”. Bharat Gandhi UVC.

According to Gandhi. Who is a professional architect UVC also recommends scientific guidelines for a house structure. Along with the detailed reports, at a very nominal cost, “currently a Vastu experts charges more than Rs 10000 reorient at two bed room flat.

However we will charge Rs 2500 only for the same job” explained the 42 year old architect.

Gandhi and four others had worked continuously for six months at a stretch to develop the software, based on computer aided design system. Will be the next to follow.

“I developed an interest for Vastu shastra two years back when I bought a 49 years old bungalow from a businessman who had gone bankrupt. Allaying fears that the bungalow may be a bad omen for me too, I began living there after making few changes as recommended in Vastu,” recalled Gandhi adding that he hasn’t looked back since then.

Vastu Shastra is also referred to as the dentifrice science and is based on the five bio energy forces.

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