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Easy to Use First Of Its Kind Unbiased, Comprehensive Computerised Online Vastu Reports with tentative plans of your Premises.

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Vastu Report in Rs. 999 + Tax

Vastushastra, the ancient Indian science of structure is popularly believed to promise prosperity. But it actually prescribes energy - efficient architecture keeping in mind the sun angles, the magnetic energies prevailing around us, wind directions and the gravitational pull of the earth to give a micro climate in the premises. In short, Vastushastra makes one healthy, mentally and physically and if one is healthy, one performs better and if one performs better, can prosperity be far?

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about Vastu Software

Very easy to get vastu report for your home, office, Restaurant and Industrial properties


Very easy to use online Vastu software - This software is such that once the details of a house or an industrial or commercial unit are fed in; it gives a report on the merits and demerits of the premises as per the tenets of Vastushastra.

At the end of the report the percentage of adherence after correction is given and the most interesting thing about the software is that it allocates weightage to different tenets. This is followed by recommendations which try to counter balance the negative aspects of the premise with additional positive elements. There are thousands of tentative plans in this software which comes with maximum accuracy. Therefore, this software almost guarantees an accurate assessment for each and every evaluation...

The recommendations are user friendly. They invite client participation with an enlightened approach to even the mundane and routine domestic activity. This is the first time that anyone is offering such fully computerized services.

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