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Vastu Goes Hi Tech With Unnaty

Vastu Goes Hi Tech With Unnaty

Vastu Goes Hi Tech With Unnaty

By a correspondent

He is proud of have this first.  Bharat Gandhi of Unnaty Vastu Consultants if offering vastushastra consultancy with a difference on computers.

“This is first time that anyone is offering such fully computerized service.” After a in-depth research spanning over year and numerous cases, Gandhi decided to develop this special package.” My special team was given this task,” add Gandhi.

And he is confidence of commercial success. The base of his confidence

Lies in the growing middle class population. “Now the middle class have started realizing the existence of vastushastra and are keen to take advantage of this science, “says Gandhi.

“While the range of our consultancy is Vastu and all encompassing, our recommendations may start as low as Rs2500/- , since it is the commitment of Unnaty Vastu Consultants to keep costs down to the bare minimum,” he adds.

The uniqueness of the Software is its neutrality, where every efforts has been made to be as objective as possible and the evolution of every situation, as scientific as possible.

The weight age factor is truly unique, in that no situation is branded as 100 per cent good and 100 per cent bas. It recognizes the varying shades of benefits, albeit however little a particular situation may have to offer, therefore, this software almost guarantees and accurate assessment each and every evaluation.

The recommendations are user friendly. They invite client participation with an enlightened approach to even the mundane and routine domestic activity. For instance from the health point of views, advice and recommendations are given even for the location of the water filter and the position of the stone in the kitchen.

Similarly, meaningful evaluations are offered as regards the television and telephone connections. Every point has been looked into with a scientific evaluation,and subsequent recommendations thereof.

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