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How to fill the questionnaire

  • Study the premises/ drawing properly.
  • There are two type of observation a) location b) direction,
    • Location means where the area/room is located in relation to the centre of the premises, so one has to stand in approximate Centre of the premises with a magnetic compass to note the locations.
  • Direction means in which direction one is, i.e. one might be sitting in west corner (location) but facing east (direction).
  • Before one does the survey one has to learn how to use Directional compass.
    • Compasses are easily available in stationery stores, best is to download mobile App,
    • One has to hold compass away from any iron / steel objects and on a flat steady hand, it has to be parallel to the ground.
    • Magnetic needle compass is also easy to use once one understands it. Needle will always point north. After the needle, is allowed to settle down base of the compass is to be turned where the ‘N’ should come below the red point of the needle, automatically all other direction will fall in there place.
  • After learning how to use the compass it is very easy to find locations and direction of all elements of the premises.
  • Door direction is to be noted from inside of the Rooms. E.g. main door is opening towards north and one is proceeding out towards north then the direction to be marked in the plan will be north ( important- Door direction is always from inside and it is the direction in which one goes out )
  • Room / Department locations are to be marked in relation to the centre of the Premises, E.g. northwest, west southeast etc.
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