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I Am Facing Problems Since Shifted to My New House

I Am Facing Problems Since Shifted to My New House

I am facing problems since I Shifted to my new house in April 2000. I sleep with my head towards the east. I lost my wife on September 25,2002 due to cancer The entrance is in the south, kitchen southeast, kitchen sink northeast.

Arjun Parab

From the description of your house, it appears that Vaastu is not the cause for your wifes demise. Chances are that your old house could be the cause. Your sleeping direction is okay. Make your children sleep with their heads in the east.

I sleep with my head in the west and facing south. My main door faces east. The kitchen is in the south and water storage is in the west. Children sleep with their heads in the south and facing west.

Devendra rathod

Keep your head in the southwest and sleep. This will help you achieve success. Your children should keep their heads in the east and sleep, to be good at studies.

When I enter the house I house I face east. My 2BHK, flat is east-open – my hall, kitchen, bedrooms all face east. We sleep with our heads to the east. Kitchen platform is in the east direction. Is this house good for me?

Pramukh Kala

 From the description, your house seems to be good as per Vaastu.

The main door of my 2BHK faces west. The drawing room door faces north. I sleep with my head towards the south. The door of the other bedroom faces south and my mother sleeps there with her head towards the south. Please tell me what I need to do to make my family more Peaseful, harmonious and successful.

Angshu Gupta

If you really want a peaceful harmonious and successful life, stop worrying about door directions. They are not at all important today, because, for security reasons, we keep them closed, which means no energies enter the house. You’re sleeping  directions are fine!

My main door opens in the north, and all windows are west open. WC and bathroom are in the east opposite the kitchen door. The platform is in the southwest and we all sleep with our heads in the west

Vaibhav Choksi

For good health, you and your wife should keep your heads in the southeast and sleep. North-opening door is considered good as per Vastushastra so dontworry.

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