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Vastushastra talks about prosperity.

26 Mar, 2019 Vastushastra talks about prosperity.

Vastushastra talks about prosperity.

Before I start a new article a word about prosperity. Vastushastra talks about prosperity. I see a very simple reason. Healthy body leads to healthy mind, and healthy mind to higher efficiency levels, which I believe, should result in prosperity.

This science is one of the 23 alternative medical science approved and accepted in the world.         

To understand Vastushastra we have to put almighty god aside, when you question something like say existence of god and you do not get an answer. It does not mean that there is no answer but it means that the answer is elusive. But for Vastushastra, a professional from the field of real estate can do extensive research and get some answers and also logically analyze reasons of many tenets of Vastushastra.

Unfortunately people who have taken the responsibility of preaching this science do not know about science. In fact, most of them think, bringing science in to Vastushastra is foolish & a religious. Bringing science in to Vastushastra would also steal them of their chief source of income. Because of this, Vastushastra, the science of structure has not been accepted by all, as it should have been. People are afraid thinking that they might have to incur unwanted wrath of god or extra expanses if they don’t follow or follow Vastushastra tenets. But it is not so.

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