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Vastushastra a Victim of Unscrupulous Interpretation

12 Mar, 2019 Vastushastra a Victim of Unscrupulous Interpretation

Vastushastra a Victim of Unscrupulous Interpretation

Vastushastra is miserable life.

Writing about  Vastushastra was in back of my mind, purpose of writing blogs is to create new Vastushastra consultants who can practice as professionals and help to clear the fears in the mind of the people about the misconception of Vastushastra and its tenets, the fear created by traditional consultants by threats of destruction, death, disease and miserable life. If Vastushastra is called science then there has to be logical answers to all the tenets; well I will try to clear the fears in the mind of people, identify the problems Vastushastra is facing in the present day context and to give solution.

In any writing on Vastushastra, one must first ponder the fact that the person who discovered, studied and compiled the tenet of Vastushastra have almost eluded the pages of history. Among several scattered works in Sanskrit literature on Vastushastra, a few treatise give comprehensive information defining Vastushastra as “anywhere where immortals and mortals live’ and dealing with all facets of god's and men's dwellings, from the choice of the site to the iconography of the temple walls; and also village layouts and construction techniques. An outstanding example of a comprehensive text on Vastushastra is the Mayamata. Written sometime between the 11th & 12st century. The content of the Mayamatam are much more tightly structured and systematic than other preceding and encyclopedic text such as the “Mansarover or the Samaranganasutradhara. Other better known treatises on architecture and iconography are the Mansara and the Kamikagama both of which are particularly akin to the Mayamatam.

The truth is that the original Vastushastra script is lost and all modern available text is only compilation, this has made Vastushastra a victim of unscrupulous interpretation. I am not saying that all Vastushastra gurus are mouthpieces and can only tell you what you have to do and what happen if you don’t. Majority of them cannot answer the important question – why? Most Vastushastra gurus are non-professional and cannot possibly give any scientific explanation. They might ask this question all this talk about science is fine but can Vastushastra be applied totally to a urban home or blocks of apartment? 

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