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Sages Had Vision to Understand Climatology

26 Mar, 2019 Sages Had Vision to Understand Climatology

Sages Had Vision to Understand Climatology

Sages who had discovered and written about Vastushastra had a vision to understand the behavior of nature & effect of radiation when they were conceptualizing role of climatology / Vastushastra in architecture.

After talking about solar effect in Vastushastra next lets discuss the other source of energy i.e. Magnetism of the earth. 

In my extensive research and experience in this field of Vastushastra as an architect. I have met people who have been living in house unfit for even animals by Vastushastra standards and I have analyzed their health mental and physical before and after they have adhered to Vastushastra. The results have been striking. The way some changes in the house at micro level leave affected lives of the residents and this has surprised even me. Actually it scares me, makes me feel too small even to do research in Vastushastra because it seems to be more sensible to just accept it as it is as few things are beyond the understanding of common people like you and me.

In the last article I had thrown insight to Sun energies, this time I will throw some light on ‘Magnetic field of earth, as this form about 40 to 45% of Vastushastra tenets.

Assuming that we are in India and somewhere between 8 to 37 North latitude i.e. in Northern Hemisphere of the earth. India covers a distance of about 29 latitude from Kanayakumari to Kashmir. Being in North Hemisphere we are closer to northern magnetic pull than southern hence for us the guiding factor is north, for other part of the globe e.g. Australia if would be south hence the Vastushastra tenets would differ there.

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