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Reduce Negative Energies

26 Mar, 2019 Reduce Negative Energies

Reduce Negative Energies

Well as said earlier some Vastushastra tenants can be neglected in today’s scene and few tenants can be counter balanced i.e. the effect of negative energies can be reduced by increasing positive energies in the premises. Some rules can also be modified e.g. if entry of raw material in the property cannot be done from south west, instead one can have entrance in the structure from south west.

My research shows that even if the following things are kept as per tenets Vastushastra while setting up of an industry can be profitable.

1) Location of machinery

2) Entry of raw material

3) Storage of raw material

4) Storage of finished goods

5) Boiler location

 6) Cooling tower

 7) Generator location

 8) Effluent plant

 9) Workers working direction etc.

These recommendations would be a great help to achieve productive results.

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