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Reduce Chance Of Accidents

26 Mar, 2019 Reduce Chance Of Accidents

Reduce Chance Of Accidents

Many industries manufacturing activities use furnaces and heat in manufacturing process, Vastushastra recommends right locations for this activity.

Heat generating machinery should be kept in south east as this is a very warm direction as in India sun rises in south east and the sun path is south east to south west. Machinery using water is its process should be kept in a cooler location i.e. northeast this location is always derived of strong sunrise.

Special care is to be taken of the working direction of the workers. They should be facing a positive direction, which in turn will help in their concentration hence reducing chances of accidents. In my career I have seen lots of machinery kept in right location but the worker direction was negative leading to small and big accidents? It is difficult to follows Vastu tenants totally while destining industrial sites but if followed up to 85% it can solve lot of your problems.

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