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Magnetism The Unfelt Energy

26 Mar, 2019 Magnetism The Unfelt Energy

Magnetism The Unfelt Energy

Now we all know or must have heard about the science of magnetism an ancient Indian science, which has been accepted by the world as one of the alternative medical science, used to heal people. As our blood contains iron and magnetism affect its circulation.

If the collective magnetism in your body is taken into account, your head is in the north and feet in south. So when the head is to the north like poles repel and the blood circulation in the brain increase. During sleep the body requires minimum circulation in the brain and hyperactivity in the brain when body system is relaxing can lead to unrest. This restless brain in your sleep gets up tired next day and as we all know tired brain can take wrong decision or can be more irritative leading to conflicts. These tenets of Vastushastra can be verified by you by sleeping with your head in south for one month and then north for another month you will see the difference.

Magnetism is the unfelt energy impossible to detect by us, but as small magnet can make pins dance the whole globe is like a huge magnet and can affect our lives drastically. Every inch of earth in under a magnetic field, hence one should try and follow maximum tenets of vastushastra connected to magnetism i.e. Sleeping with the head in the right direction facing proper direction when studying / meditating as very small changes in the equilibrium can affect our composure to a large extent. Every single cell in our body is electrical unit and consequently has a magnetic field there is a state of harmony between the magnetic field of different cells in the human organism. Slight Disturbance in the balance can cause serious differences in a person behavior, which can have direct bearing on our health and moods. Which Vastushastra takes into account when it promises happiness and prosperity in the house?

Happiness is one’s life leads to a good quality life, full of fun and good health. 

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