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Is Man is Imperfect?

26 Mar, 2019 Is Man is Imperfect?

Is Man is Imperfect?

After going through my last 12 articles I would like to answer few questions that might be in your minds. Vastushastra is scientific and all that but how did our sages master science? They have shown their superior ability not only in architecture but also in the field of medicine and astronomy. How?

To find the answer we have to admit that Man is imperfect. The purpose of life is to attain perfection. We do not want to know the answers of some difficult questions that men down centuries have asked them shelf.  Even a child can confuse us with a confusing question like where dose space end…  

Now i will start with the most complicated subject first. I.e. Industries. Today India has surpassed the first stage of economy i.e. any country start first with agriculture as their base second comes industrialization and the final is as trader. The richest countries in the world are more of traders in term of materials and technology then manufacturing and agriculture.

In India manufacturing activity is going on in full swing we manufacture for other rich nations to Vastushastra can help in achieving quantitative and qualitative output from the industrial units. If the machinery are laid in the factory as per Vastushastra the breakdown of machine can be minimized. The machinery are made from metal are affected by the magnetic energies of the earth hence Vastushastra recommends that machinery are to be kept away from north and also away from east so as not to black positive solar energies this does not mean that all machinery to be kept in south west they can be arranged towards other direction by keeping heaviest in south west and lighter in offer direction.

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