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Why do you need Vaastu?

Why do you need Vaastu?

BRIS presents some useful Vaastu tips for businessmen

You need a house and a family. And you are happy to be materialistic. You do not mind being confined by questions. You do not need answers. You just want to satiate your emotions.

There are many like you. Believe me, people this are in majority.

With reason. Perhaps our sages felt they should use their knowledge to make the lives of the common man like you better. After all, sages were the men who had attained enlightenment.

They knew the questions, as well as the answers. They tried to spread truth through the scriptures and make your life better for you.

Quality of life

Now, you might have this nagging question before you: does Vastushastra deliver what it promises? One thing you should keep in mind here is this. Vastushastra is just an attempt at improving quality of your life.

That quality of life depends on your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your financial standing.

Sure, Vastushastra relates health to money and offers its recommendations. That does not mean Vastushastra can interfere with destiny. Or, for that matter change it.

Away from north

Let me talk about industries. You will agree with me that manufacturing activity is in full swing in Mumbai. We do manufacture for exports. It is here that you should understand Vastushastra could help you in achieving quantitative and qualitative standards in your output from your industrial units.

If you are able to place and locate your machinery as per Vastushastra, you can well minimize the chances of breakdowns.

Sure, your machinery is affected by the magnetic energies of the earth. Hence, Vastushastra recommends that keep your machinery away from north.

Warm direction

Also away from east. So that you get positive solar energies. However, that does not mean you need to keep all your machinery in southwest.

Why, they can be even arranged in other directions. This is what you can do. Place the heaviest machinery in south west and the lighter ones in the other direction.

Well, heat-generating machinery should keep in southeast. For, this is a very warm direction. Reason: the sunrises in the southeast in India and the path of the sun is southeast to southwest. That is why place machinery using water should be kept in a cooler location. That is in the northeast.

Total is difficult

Now, you should take special care when it comes to deciding the direction for your workers. They should face a positive direction. In turn, this will help them improve their concentration. That means reduced chances of accidents.

During my career, I have seen machinery placed in the right location, but workers in a negative direction. That always leads to accidents, small and big. Well, it may not be possible to follow Vaastu.

Tenets totally while designing your industrial site.

However, make sure you follow these tenets as much as possible. That can solve a lot of your problems.

If you ask me, some Vaastu tenets can be ignored in today’s world. And a few others can be counter-balanced. That is the effect of negative energies can be reduced by increasing the positive energies in your work premises.

Why, some of tenets can also be modified. For example, if raw materials cannot enter your premises through the southwest, at least they can be made to enter the building through the southwest.

The last word

Here are the finds of my research. If you can apply Vaastu tenets in the location of the following assets, your business can be profitable. These areas are: machinery, entry of raw materials, storage of raw materials, storage of raw materials, storage of finished goods, boilers, coking towers, generators, effluent plants and the workers.

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