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Vastu is like a vitamin pill

Vastu is like a vitamin pill

Vastushastra has a sound scientific basis, which makes it relevanteven today. It is a science that helps us utilize the positive energiesexerted by natural forces to improve our mental and physical efficiency.

It acts in the same way as a vitamin pill - if a person is down the pill gives him energy. Vastu gives support both mentally and physically. If a person is fit and it makes him even more energetic and prosperous.

Vastushastra deals with allocation of positive and negative energies, which can be done easily at the micro level. For example, interchanging bedrooms, keeping the head on the other side of the bed when sleeping, turning your working table, relocating the gas burner, or changing the location of drinking / cooking water storage.

Following Vaastu tenets usually does not mean spending large amounts. Note that by following them you don’t have to spend at all. It is a wrong belief that Vastu recommends destruction of constructed property. It is simply a science of construction in harmony with nature. Vastushastra is an architectural encyclopaedia from the Vedic age, which explains room sizes, columns, heights etc to even a layman, as there were no architects or engineers at those times. Sages had written this shastra to solve common men’s problems of stable and sturdy homes. Most of Vastushastra tenets are based on climatology and lifestyle of the Indians.

In the absence of a compass, the tenets were preached in relation to the path of the sun. The door of a house had to open in the direction of the Sunrise (east). On the left (north) was the living room. The kitchen had to be on the right (southeast), was the Master

Vastushastra is based on four elements - Sun energy, Earth’s Magnetic field, Wind energy, and Earth’s gravitational force. These energies have both negative and positive components. Vastushastra recommends blocking out the negative energies and exploiting positive energies. Therefore, vastushastra is like two-edged sword. Never use it from half-knowledge In my next articles I will elaborate on the four elements of climatology one by one.

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