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Vaastu does not promise prosperity

Vaastu does not promise prosperity

Bharat Gandhi debunks the threats of calamity that this ancient science holds

In this hi-tech age of cellular phones and cyberspace, the seemingly superstitious doctrines of Vaastu sound ridiculous. But even the nay-Sayers often think to themselves: It is easy to disbelieve such rules, as: Sleep with your head towards South. A person who vehemently opposes such prescriptions and may be going home and wondering, 'Well, if it is going to make me prosper, why not?” And that is the greatest misconception about Vaastu. It does not promise prosperity. It only suggests how you can live in tune with nature - so that you are healthy, think positively, act wisely and therefore succeed! There is no substitute for hard work!

Vastushastra has fascinated some and irritated others but has intrigued everybody. This ancient science deals with architecture at material and psychological levels. Vaastushastra tenets have a strong scientific and even sociological basis, which are applicable even today.

I will try and take a peep into the soul of vaastushastra and delves into the reasoning behind the ancient genre of architecture. Everybody knows this subject tells who don’t on what the theory of Vastushastra is. The quintessential question ‘why?’ is missing. There are threats and promises, chiefly threats. Though I appreciate the efforts of the preachers in increasing the awareness on this subject. But by scarring common folks they wanted to make fast money without thinking about the after effects. How can one call Vastushastra a science and still go about scaring people with death, disease and on the whole a miserable life?. In this series of four articles, I will try to clear your fears, identify the incongruities that Vaastu faces in the context of the present day, and provide solutions.

Vastu is chiefly a scientific draft, but it is coated with religion mainly because during those days religion was the vehicle of communication. During the age of Christian fundamentalism in Europe everything had to have definite link with the lord. Even Galileo was made to look like a fool. Similarly during those days in India a theory had to emanate from religion and it was the only vehicle on which science could ride. All hazards that Vastu warns of are superstition or factors contributing to its innate safety mechanism.

The defense of the elements in Vaastu, popularity considered superstition, does not mean one should forget the idea of safety mechanism. According to me, most of the time vaastushastra talks essentially of ‘possibility’, not ‘eventuality’. The threat is made to look ominous and eventual so you don’t break the rule and risk suffering.

Swarnings and baits. If they had not been there, Vaastu would not have survived all these years and the generation that came and went has left the science intact.

Old bungalows have their own specific problems that need to be addressed before you buy, provides some pointers.

  • Cracks in the wall may or may not be due to foundation problems. Have them checked. Monsoon leakage’s can make life hell if not detected and fixed before you move in.
  • Termite trails and other evidence of pests should be fixed pronto.
  • The interior plumbing may be corroded, which could result in up to 80 per cent drop in water pressure.
  • Check for drainage/sewerage problems. Make sure there is adequate water storage available.
  • Check the strength of beams and columns. The reinforcement may have been corroded by Bandar’s proximity to salty seawater.
  • Look at the BMC’s DP (Development Plan) sheets to check if there is any Reservation intended for the land surrounding the bungalow.
  • If there is no fencing around the property and you plan to build some, ensure that there is no ‘setback’ provision for road widening by BMC in the pipeline.
  • If the bungalow has period architecture, it may be included under the Heritage list. That means you cannot make structural changes.
  • Check if there are too many trees on the property and you want to cut some down. Friends of Trees may object!
  • Is the power supply adequate? Old bungalows may not support new appliances like air-conditioners and washing machines.
  • What are the external noise levels? Moving from the silence of the 20 th floor of an apartment block to ground level may damage your eardrums in this bustling city!


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