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Impossible in a city

Impossible in a city

Want to understand Vaastushastra?

Put the Almighty aside. For, you ask something like does God exist and you do not get an answer for that question.

That does not mean there are no answers for that question. But it just means the answer is exclusive. But as far as Vaastushastra is concerned, realty professionals can do extensive research and obtain answers to many
questions. Why, they can even logically analyses the reasons behind many Vaastushastra tenets.

Quacks aplenty

Unfortunately people who have taken the responsibility of preaching Vaastu do not know about the science. In fact, most of them think bringing science in to Vaastu in foolish and unreligious.

For, they feel bringing science into Vaastu would rob them of their chief source of income. Well, the science of structure has not been accepted by all. Why, even the builders are afraid of Vaastu consultants.

With reason, the ubiquitous Vaastu consultant normally use fear as a tool to prove himself. And he goes to the extent of taking the names of gods to make his clients follow his recommendations. That is when end-users get scared that they might have to incur the unwanted wrath of god. That is not the reality.

Go to micros

Understand it is impossible to adhere to Vaastu completely in a city. That is mainly because of congestion and overcrowding.

If Vaastu asks you to block a particular direction, you might find a beautiful park on garden in that direction.

Not just that. The flat-culture does not permit a proper and a complete practice of Vaastushastra. So this is the suggestion I have for you. Go to the micro level. Make adjustments in the interiors. And enjoy the benefits of Vaastushastra.

Safety mechanisms

Of course, Vaastu talk about accidents and health problems. You must understand that these are being used as threats or warnings. Remember, if this threat has not written in Vaastu scriptures, they would not have survived all these years.

Sure, suggestions are Vaastushastra safety mechanisms. In fact, these safety mechanisms have all along ensured that generations that come subsequently left the science intact.

Examples galore

Here are few examples on how did our elders propagate vaastu in a very simplified fashion.

  • It is said that when a person dies, his head is to be kept in the north and feet in the south. This implies that a person who is alive should never keep his head in the north. For, that is the direction of the dead.
  • Our elders have also told us to buy the property of the person who is prospering. The implication by default is this: that property of the prospering individual can be Vaastu- compliant. That means you may also prosper in there.
  • When we place our kumbh in the new house, it is always kept on the kitchen platform where the drinking water is kept. For that is north-east and it is the direction of the god. Not just that. It is a positive magnetic and solar direction.
  • The Morning Prayer facing the sun, or what you call suryanamaskar, is done facing the east. The idea to get maximum positive solar energy.
  • When we go to see a new house, the elders always tells us that the main door of the house should face the rising sun that is the east. If the main door faces the east, chances are that the bedroom would be on the southwest or south of the house, thus making of the house is more Vaastu- complaint.

The last word

End-users always prefer the east-west opening house. For, the wind direction in India is south- direction during the monsoon. And northeast during summer and winter.

So, if you start analyzing the teachings of our elders, in particular context to Vaastu, you are sure to find satisfactory answer to many questions.

Why shouldn’t we say that this is India’s greatest contribution to science, only after the discovery of zero?

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