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A Vaastu solution for a marketing family

A Vaastu solution for a marketing family

BRIS brings you an interesting case study on how a Vaastu layout recommendation made the business boom.

Meet Mrs. A. She is into the business of marketing. She operates from her home and manages as many as 20 marketing assistants, who work with her.

Now meet Mr. A, her husband. He is also a marketing man. However, he works for an outside company.

Not for his wife’s. In the course of his work, he travels often out of Mumbai. For as many 15 days in a month, he is out of station.

Proper bedrooms

Mr. A is a very religious and he is not very much interested in the affairs of the family.

Mrs. A, however, is very business-like. They have two daughters. Both the daughters are not yet married and they are working in outside companies.

The requirement of the A’s is this. They want two proper bedrooms, besides a well-equipped office space for Mrs. A.

One look at the site, it would be clear that the pious Mr. A has been sleeping in the room on the west, with his head on the northwest.

You need to understand here that this combination usually makes one a good follower, but not a good decision-maker.

The as were also worried about the marriage of their daughters, which was getting delayed. For, the daughters are indecisive. Mind you, the sleeping direction of the daughters was northwest.

Vaastu layout

Now, the As needed a Vaastu-compliant layout. So, it was suggested to them that they convert their bedroom in the west into a marketing office.

A marketing office, where the clients will sit facing a positive magnetic (north) and a solar (east) direction. This combination is always excellent for marketing persons.

Then the bedroom in the south was converted into master bedroom, with the sleeping angle head in the southwest. This made the user very commanding and at the same time very supportive and involving.

That is precisely what Mrs. A needed; make her husband take interest in family matters.

Going a step further, the bedroom of the daughters was re-designed in the east. So that they can sleep with heads in the southwest.

The idea was to make them stronger decision-making personalities. Mind you, fortunately the As had no health problems. For, they had positioned the gas and the drinking water rightly.

The last word

So, you are keen to know the results. The feedbacks received from the As during the last few months suggest the following.

One, Mr. A has become more responsive towards the family. Two, both the daughters have become more decisive and thus more serious about settling into married lives. Three and finally, the marketing business of Mrs. A is booming.

‘You need not to sell your office’

Entry to my office is on the northeast. So, when I enter my office, my face is towards the north and the door is on the eastern corner of my office.

This is how my office looks. The length of my office is 2.5 times its width. There is a toilet in the northeastern corner.

Considering this layout, I was suggested to sell my office immediately. Please suggest a suitable course of action.

Gandhi replies: you neither need nor sell your office. Understand a toilet in the northeast was not permitted only in the olden days. For, toilets were always dirty since there were no proper drainage systems.

That is not the case today. Thanks to proper drainage systems, today toilets are no longer dirty. Hence, do not worry about that.

Moreover if you want better results, design your office interiors properly and make them Vaastu complaint suitable to modern times.

Southwest ideal

I want to start a home based business. Therefore, I need to construct a cabin for work.

I have two corners, that is southwest and southeast, to choose from. Which corner should I choose? What should be my position inside?

Where do I sit? On which side should be the entry and exit door? What material is ideal to build this cabin?

Gandhi replies: It is always advisable to have your cabin in the southwest corner of the premises. And you should face the northeast while working.

As far as the door and the material are concerned, just go ahead as per your budget and the decided layout.

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