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About the software

Vastuadvisor software and its features

  • Vastu Software for residential apartment/independent house/bungalow with up to 6 bedrooms.
  • Vastu Software for shops and showrooms.
  • Vastu Software for restaurants with single and multiple kitchens.
  • Vastu Software for multi-storied hotels.
  • Vastu Software for small, mid-sized and large corporate offices.
  • Vastu Software for small, medium and large scale industry.
  • The Vastuadvisor report comes with evaluation and recommendations and shows the percentage strength of individual room/areas and total premises.
  • The Vastuadvisor report also comes with proposed plans based on the tenets of Vastu of different rooms and areas.‚Äč

Evaluations and recommendations of premises with furniture placement suggestions and also on percentage scale.

Vastuadvisor.com Software and android based application have all the sets of calculation/evaluation and recommendation required for Vastushastra analysis and for providing Vastu consultancy. A Vastuadvisor report considers all angles of Vastu before evaluating and giving recommendations; the software calculates individual factors of the interior, weighs them on percentage scale at a micro and macro level, and gives overall strength of individual areas and total premises. This software has pre-defined thousands of suggestive furniture placement recommendations of individual rooms/areas which are drawn as per the tenets of Vastushastra. These plans are part of the report which anyone can read and follow in their premises.

 It also contains tentative furniture layout suggestion plans of rooms/areas for specific rooms and at the end of the report you get remedies sheets for you to suggest gadgetry corrections. If you are looking for Vastu Software/application, which includes a detailed assessment of Vastu based on scientific reasoning, then check out Vastuadvisor and enrol as a channel partner.

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