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Science of Vastu

Science of Vastu

The heart of Vastuadvisor Software/Application.

Evaluation and recommendations in the report are scientific and based on the principles of climatology. This software calculates the effects of the sun angles, magnetic current, gravitational effect  and the wind directions on the structure, on eight cardinal directions i.e., North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. Based on this, it allocates a certain percentage and weightage before giving final results.

Note: Please note that the tenets of Vastu are applicable in the northern hemisphere only.‚Äč

Solar energies

Solar energies or sun energies contribute to at least 40% of Vastushastra tenets. This high-intensity ray dispenses negative and positive rays; this negative radiation affects the human body depending on its intensity. The closer you are to the equator, the more you are exposed to radiation from the Sun, adversely affecting one's physical and/or mental health. People exposed to less radiation, i.e., staying more towards any pole, are healthier and hence prosperous.

Magnetic energies

Magnetic field of the earth forms 45% tenets of Vastushastra. This ancient Indian science is still used to heal people, as everybody knows blood contains haemoglobin, which is full of iron, and magnetic current can affect its circulation.

Wind energies and direction 

Wind energy is hardly harnessed to create a microclimate in the house as we are now more and more depended on artificial ventilation systems e.g., fans, air conditioners, and coolers. Also, due to modern technology, today's structures are capable of withstanding the heaviest wind force.

Gravitational pull of the earth

The gravitational force of about 7-8% of Vastushastra tenets in the modern context as due to the advancement of science and technology, houses and buildings can be constructed defying this force.

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