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What Is The Ideal Work Area In My Office?

What Is The Ideal Work Area In My Office?

In my office, my main door faces south. I enter from the north into a hall and my cabin is immediately on the left side, which is northeast. I have another cabin in the southeast. What should be the ideal work area in the office, which will bring professional success and money? Please suggest an ideal position.


Door in the office facing south is not good but if use southeast cabin and face northeast, it will compensate for the negative door location. So if possible face northeast in southeast cabin. Your staff should face proper north while working. Professional success and money normally comes with hard work, Vaastu can only help you to achieve the same quickly so work hard and honestly.

As per Vaastu, the total numbers of doors and windows must be even like 2,4,6 or 8 but at the end, there should not be zero like 10, 20 and so on (for instance, five doors and five windows). Let me know if the windows of bathroom and toilet are counted as windows or ventilation. Kindly confirm.

V Kapadia

It seems from your question that you are misguided by modern interpreters of Vastu. These days number of windows play least importance in a house or an office as we use artificial means of ventilation i.e. fans and air conditioning so do not worry about number of windows and doors.

My flat is 1BHK. The main door faces SW with living room. The kitchen is in west with platform in NE. then the bathroom and WC and last comes the bedroom in NE. door faces SW. please advise if flat is as per Vaastu and if not what changes are required. We are planning to shift and we have one son.

Jayesh thakker

As per your description your house seems quite as per Vaastu. Take care to keep your drinking water pot in northeast in your kitchen and while sleeping in your bedroom keep your head in proper southwest things will be very positive in your house.

My DOB is December 17, 1975. My wife’s DOB is May 20, 1978. My main door faces south, one window faces east, one south and one north. We have three doors in one line. Main door is in south, second door in middle and last is in North but because of a gallery, north door dose not have an entrance. We sleep with our heads to west. I am always tense and there is no mental peace. Although my married life and family life is peaceful there is no economical growth. How can I solve this problem?

Umesh Parulekar

Doors and birth dates, please avoid sending me these details. If Vaastu were based on only door direction, all doors in Mumbai would be opening in one direction and doors were related to birth dates, each house would have different doors for different family members. Please note there is no relation between one’s birth date and house and if there were. We all would have to stay without families as our birth date differs from other family members. Regarding your problems please keep your head in south and sleep your problems will be solved.

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