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We Fight as Soon as We Get into Bed

We Fight as Soon as We Get into Bed

My wife and I sleep with our heads facing east. As soon as we get to bed we fight. There is a financial crunch due to this.


Fights between wife and husband normally occur if the master bedroom located in the southeast corner of the house, if that is the case, change to another room and sleep, one that is preferably in the southwest.

Our front door is toward northwest facing north. We sleep with our heads facing west. Inside our house, just in front of our front door, we have steps going to our room upstairs. Please let us know if our sleeping position is okay, and if the steps in front of our door are causing an obstruction of any kind, if so, how can we rectify it?

Jovina Quinney

I have said before that the location of the door is not at all important in Vastu. However, your sleeping angle is wrong. Put your head in the east and sleep; things will improve.

I am 40 years old living in mira road. My main door faces southwest. We all sleep with our heads in the south. I am professionally qualified, but for the last three years I have not been able to get a better job. Finances are weak and not improving. Please tell me which direction of the main door will bring peace, wealth and happiness.


Vaastushastra based on climatology – sun, magnetic energies, wind energy and gravitations force – and the forces work on everybody, irrespective of caste, creed, race with nature, which in turn will give you a healthy body and mind. So live in tune with Vastu in the house to enjoy the best of the world. From your description, I feel that you are not using the house properly internally. Sleep in your southwest living room for positive results.

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