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There is No Peace Since We Moved Here

There is No Peace Since We Moved Here

We live in a rented house. Our main door faces east. We sleep putting our heads on south side. Our toilet is attaché to the main hall and door is facing kitchen. There is no peace since we moved here. I often fall sick and we are not able to save money. We have kept the altar in the kitchen facing west. Can we do Pooja in the kitchen?

Vinita Manoharan

From your description it appears that the interior of your kitchen is not as per the principles of Vaastu and your bedroom must be in the northwest of your house. Please get your Kitchen rearranged as per Vaastu.

Our heads are towards the west when we sleep. Our door opens south. Can you tell me if this is correct?


Keep your head in the east instead of the west when you sleep. A door opening south is not good as per the tenets of Vaastu, but don’t worry. If you keep your head in the east it will compensate for the negativity.

The main door opens in the north. We have two bedrooms. One bedroom door faces west and the other face north. I sleep with my head on the east in the first bedroom. The kitchen is in the northwest. The toilet and bathroom have doors facing west. I am divorcee in love with a boy. Due to some problem or other, we are unable to meet. Financially too, I am not sound.


Unless you tell me the location of your bedrooms, it is difficult to help. But my advice to you is: keep your head in the southwest and sleep: things will improve.

My husband and I are getting possession of our flat in April 2003 in Mumbai and we will be visiting India mid- July to mid- August. We would like to know which day would be auspicious to start living there. Can our relative take possession in our absence or should we take with ourselves? Kindly let me know the day when we can have the house warming ceremony.


It seems you do not know what Vaastushastra is. It is a science of structure which recommends how you can live in tune with nature and get maximum positive energies for better mental as well as physical health. So if your house is as per the laws of Vastu. You will be healthy and prosper.

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