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Recommend changes to my House

Recommend changes to my House

Is the following as per vastushastra?

  1. Bedroom is towards southeast. I sleep with my head in the south,
  2. Prayer room is in the northeast, hall faces south west and main door faces north.
  3. Toilets and bathroom (east-west directions with doors facing north) adjoin the pooja room.
  4. Kitchen is in the southeast please recommend changes

Your bedroom is okay. The sleeping direction and prayer room too is perfect. But it is advisable to sleep in your southwest-located hall for better prosperity. And don’t worry about your kitchen location as it is also perfect

 I stay in a hostel on the sixth floor (the top floor). My room’s door faces north. It has two ventilators above it. Opposite the door are two windows facing south. Above these windows are ventilators covered by opaque glass. I sleep in the southeast corner of the room with my head towards the east. I keep drinking water in a copper pot just behind the bed. I sit near the bed, facing east, to study. We are ten students staying in this room. My problem is I always lose concentration after a few seconds of studying.


From your description, you seem to be okay as per the tenets of vastushastra. If you face north while studding, your concentration power may increase.

 We are about to buy a flat in Santacruz west. How should I plan my house my doors, bedrooms kitchen etc. so that I can maintain prosperity and happiness. I am jobless right now and have no idea whether to go for a job or business.

Rajeshekhar shivayogi shivgonda

When you are planning to buy a house is the perfect time to consult a professional vastushastra consultant.

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