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No Success in Textile Business

No Success in Textile Business

We are in textile business for the last ten years. But we are not doing very well. Our layout is: Entrance in northwest, opening southwest. We sleep with our heads in the east and bedroom is in the southeast corner of the house. Gas is in the SE of the kitchen and water in the NE. office seating position is facing SE. our house has south opening windows.


It seems that your house is okay as per Vaastu but in your office you should face proper east when you are working and if possible keep your head in the south in your southeast bedroom while you are sleeping.

I stay in a joint family. With separate room and kitchen. My front door faces east and opens in clockwise position. We sleep with our heads south. My kitchen is in the front, i.e. first kitchen, then our room. Till today, whatever I do or plan to do turns out the opposite way.

Rakesh a Dhir

The description of your house is not very clear but your question state that you are not sleeping in the southwest or south corner of your house/ room. Sleep in a positive corner with your head located south. This will help you to achieve success in your ventures.

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