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No Success in Hotel Business

No Success in Hotel Business

My DOB is April 5 1959. My wife DOB is April 9, 1968 and my daughter`s DOB is April 24, 1990. Our main door faces North West and opens inside on south west side. It has a security door that opens on the outside on the North West side. The window faces south kitchen is in the northeast and has a window facing east. While cooking my wife faces east. The kitchen has a sliding door facing south. Opposite to this we have a bathroom door opening on east and WC opens north. Cooking platform is in the southeast. The sink is in the northeast. Bedroom is in the southeast with door facing west. We sleep in the bedroom has windows on east as well as south. We have a lot of financial difficulties and I have not made any substantial progress in my hotel business since one and half years either.


Your door is opening towards north hence this is a good location. Regarding the opening direction of door inside, outside or northwest or southwest is not at all important. Your cooking direction also seems to be okay and do not worry about bathroom or WC door. Your financial difficulties could be due to your sleeping angle which could be head in west. To avoid this problem sleep with your head in east and things will improve.

 I have recently purchased a house for which the sketch is attached. Kindly advise me on the 1) Direction for sleeping 2) location and direction for ideal for pooja 3) Any other precaution/ suggestion for betterment. My DOB is 29.12.1966.

H M khedekar

Congratulation for buying a new house. As answers to your head in south or south west or southeast when you sleep as these are the safest sleeping directions irrespective of room location. I would have given you proper direction for sleeping in relation to the location of your bedroom if details of room locations were given. Pooja plays are important role in our lives and so it is advisable to face northeast when you pray.

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