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No Savings, No Comfort

No Savings, No Comfort

The main door of my flat is in the north, sleeping direction is head towards the west. Kitchen is in northwest and its entrance from the south. Since two year I have not saved anything. I am not comfortable in my office.

A K Chandre

Door in north is good but while sleeping our head should be in east or south for more comfort. In office if possible, face east and sit. Your kitchen must be extra expensive in the form of food wastage or extra guests.

My main door faces south and we sleep with our heads in the west. My kitchen is in the northeast. My husband and I were in love for 10 years but after marriage for almost 5 years we have problems.

Liz Rodrigues

Location of the door is not important. But your sleeping angle is wrong. For a peace full life keep your head in the east and sleep. Things will improve and your relation with your husband will be peaceful.

I had not have peace and happiness since my marriage five years ago. My husband had fabrication shed. One faces the north while entering the shed. But the shed had closed down. My husband is jobless for 3 years and doesn’t want to work. Now he has started drinking. Because of no money we live separately. I have decided to purchase a flat with my brother’s help. One flat is on the second floor. One faces north while entering living room, and then comes the kitchen with the cooking counter facing north, and then comes the bathroom. The toilet/bath is to southwest. The second flat is on fourth floor with similar position. What should be the positioning of the rooms?

Geraldine Santiago

Both the flats you have seen do not seem to be as per Vaastushastra tenets. It is better to the other flats.

Our main door faces north. We recently change the sleeping position to head in the west. My husband has working abroad for two years. Now he has returned and looking for a job. But nothing is working in our favor.

Yogita Cheulkar

As per Vaastushastra, door in north is good subject to your bedrooms being in the southern side, sleep with your heads in south. But your sleeping angle is wrong. For a peaceful life, keep your head in the east and sleep. Things will improve and your relationship with your husband will be peaceful.

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