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No one in my house has ever been happy

No one in my house has ever been happy

My house faces south. My DOB is September 1, 1959, wife`s December 7, 1964 and daughters is October 12, 1987. My Previous house also faced south. No one in my house has ever been happy or enjoyed good health. I am searching for another flat. Please help.

Ashok Kumar N Gupta

Door position plays a very minor role in vastushastra in the 21st century. From your descriptions, it seems your sleeping locations and directions must be very negative. Please note that no house is very negative, only the wrong use at interior level makes them negative. So go to the micro level  tune up your existing house as per Vaastu Don’t get into horoscope, date of birth or name based recommendations otherwise you might land up buying a different house for every member of the family!

I am 40 years old living in Mira Road My DOB is 10.02.1962. My house main door faces south. Family & I sleep with head in south direction. I am a professionally qualified man. Last 3 years, I was trying for a better job but could not succeed. There are also many financial problems.


The description above seems to be okay. Your house is quite as per Vastushastra but if you are looking for progress find southwest location of your house and success will come to you.

Our 1BHK flat is in our father’s name. We are two brothers staying together. We both are having health &financial problem. Our main door is situated in the southeast. Staircase of building is in front of main door; my brother’s bedroom is in the northwest. He sleeps with his head in south. I am sleeping in living room, which is in south with my head towards west.

 Sudeep Jha   

Normally health problems are due to improper planning of the kitchen so check your kitchen interior as per Vastushastra chances are that the drinking water storage pot must be in south west location and the burner must be in north east.

My DOB is 16.3.63 my house door opens to the east and I sleep with my head facing the south and feet to north. I haven’t been very successfully with my job since the last two years. Also haven’t found much success with business. Please advise the necessary changes I should bring about in life.


Your head in south and feet in north is a good direction to sleep but it is important to sleep a proper location also so sleep in east corner if you are in any creative business and if in job sleep in southwest corner of your house for better result.

My DOB is 18.7.1982. I am an engineering student. My results have been below expectations for the past 2 years the door of my residence faces south wards and opens in a clockwise direction. I enter in facing the north. I sleep with my head south wards. I study facing northwards and sometimes facing the east. Please suggest appropriate measures.

Soumya ghosal

Hard work gets good results but if you keep your head in east and sleep it will be easy for you to achieve them, face only east while studding for effective results.

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