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No Birth Dates Please

No Birth Dates Please

Before answering more questions, I would like reads to understand that Vastu is a science of structure. Its tenets recommend that you stay in tune with the force of nature the sun`s energy , earth`s magnetic currents, its gravitational pull, and the direction and intensity of the wind.

Therefore, birth dates or individual birth charts are not important. After all, unlike human beings these forces do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or even birth charts.

So here’s humble request: do not send me birth dates. Instead send, the proper cardinal directions of your rooms. That will help me give you better guidance!

I have taken a new house in Pune two units combined. Once faces the east, and the other west. The flat is very breezy. The walls haven’t been put up yet, so we can play around with the positioning of the rooms. The builder has proposed that the kitchen, living and dining, servant’s room, study and the dry balcony be located in the flat facing east, and the three bedrooms in the flat facing west. I can email you a floor plan, if it helps. Or else, please allow me to meet you for a consultation.

Hotu chainani

If you have bought a new house without the walls this is the right time to consult a Vastu expert to get the best result in life.

I Have an InfoTech business in south Mumbai. My residence is on the 15th floor facing east, at Nepean Sea Road. I sleep with my head to the south. Even though I work morning to night I do not get the monetary benefits. I`m in debt and every project I take on somehow gets delayed. I have gained some name and fame in the electronics market.

Bhawar shah

As per your description, your house s quite as per vaastu. But there could be micro-level problems that could be hampering your progress. My advice is to show your house to Vastu consultant to get the desired results.

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