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Kicking out the kitchen

Kicking out the kitchen

My name is Yogesh Mehta and my DOB is 12.12.1947 and my wife’s DOB is 12.09.1947. our kitchen is currently facing the south and so is our stove. Our building faces the west. For the sake of convenience we would like to move out kitchen in the passage which faces the east. Is this an advisable move?

Yogesh Mehta

I must have repeated many times that birthdays are only important when you are checking your horoscope. Birth dates cannot guide your sleeping directions as the forces of nature do not differentiate between you and me. Regarding shifting your kitchen, east is a good direction and keep your gas in east and drinking water pot in north east.

My DOB is 12.7.1974 and my husband’s DOB is 24.8.1969 and we are running a business. Our shop door is situated in south direction. We are facing many problems at work and at home. The house door is in west direction.

Nagarathna M Sharma

I must repeat many times in my replies that door location is not at all important in Vastu today. I have already said earlier that door location importance was given in Vastushastra to set a direction for laymen i.e. door of the house should face the rising sun (east) then on left living area right cooking so on. Northeast is a good location for the master bedroom and don’t worry about northeast toilet just keep it clean.

I am married and have 3 daughters. My DOB is 24.4.1969. Our main door is in the west and I and my wife sleep with our head to the north. I am running an auto rapier workshop. The main door of my workshop is in the north and I sit with my face towards the east. I am facing lots of financial problems since last 7 to 8 years. Whatever business I do, I face huge loss. Is there any kind of change required?

Iqbal Malkani

Please don’t keep your head in north while sleeping. If possible keep your head in south, I would have recommended your head in east but I think your religion does not allow feet facing west. Regarding your workshop door, I don’t see any problems. Only thing coming in your way is your sleeping direction so change it immediately.

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