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I Want Health, Wealth and Fame

I Want Health, Wealth and Fame

I stay in a hostel. My door faces east and opens inwards. Since last year, I have started sleeping my head in the east. I would like to know which is my lucky direction for health, wealth and fame.


If you want health, wealth and fame, the best solution would be to work hard and be honest. Sleeping with your head in the east will also be of help.

My flat’s main door faces east. I sleep with my head to the west. I can’t concentrate on my studies. Now I have taken up BSc, so help me to study well. My father does perfect performance in work, but can’t concentrate on work. We are facing financial problems.


 The facing of your door is perfect but your sleeping direction is average. From today keep your head in the opposite direction, the east and sleep. This will help you concentrate. Tell your father to keep his head in the south and sleep so that his perfect performance will bear more fruit.

I live in rented premises, where the main door faces south and we sleep with our heads to the west. We will be looking for a new rental house as this agreement is getting over, your suggestions could be a great help for us.


South door in not a major problem but your head in west in negative. Move your head to the opposite direction and sleep.

Our main door faces east. The kitchen is in the northeast and master bedroom is in southeast. We sleep with heads in the south. We are facing lot of financial problems and bad debts.


You are quite as per Vaastu, so either your sleeping directions are wrong or your stars are very weak. Vaastu is a science that acts like a vitamin pill. It supports you will get a boost and if they are weak it will reduce the weakness.

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