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I Lose My Job Every Six Months

I Lose My Job Every Six Months

I sleep with my head towards the west. I lose my job every six months

Dinesh Ram more

Turn around and keep your head to the east and sleep. This will keep your mind healthy and give you the power to make the right decisions about your jobs.

Entrance to our house is facing south i.e., while entering we are facing north, door opens clockwise. When we enter, first is sitting room. Kitchen is on the left (at northwest), platform is at north and gas cylinder is kept at northwest. We sleep with our heads towards the east. We moved into this house in November 1999.

Till February 2000, we did not have any short of problems. However, after the birth of our daughter, I lost things worth Rs, 6000 then my wife came from her native place with my daughter and ever since there has been frequent misunderstanding and tensions between us.

My wife has become very unhappy tense and depressed and physically very weak. Treatment from the psychiatrist also has not helped beside; our daughter has started behaving very violently. Please tell me if I should change Houses and what would be suitable.

Ranrnakar Poojary

There is no house that is negative, only the wrong use of Vastushastra at the interior level. Tune up your house at the micro level as per Vastu and enjoy happiness. Kitchen in northwest is okay but keep your gas burners in the south or southeast in your kitchen and the drinking water in the northeast. Your bedroom location is average so keep your heads in the south or southwest and sleep.

For the last one and a half years I have been staying at hostel. My rooms main door is in the north, my bed is in the southwest and I sleep with head on the east. For the last six years, I have been in love,but something is worrying my fiancé. I am worried he will leave me because I am an Orphan. At the same time he loves me very much.


Why would a person who loves you so much leave you? As for your room. The directions are according to Vastu recommended tenets, so don’t worry!

 I stay in third Floor Company flat with the main door facing east. My wife and I sleep with our heads facing east. Our children sleep with their heads facing west. We all suffer from health problems.

A kumar

 Health problems can appear due to improper planning of the kitchen. See if your kitchens interior is as per vastushastra. Chances are the drinking water storage pot is in the northeast. And please make your children keep their heads in the east and sleep.

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