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I Dream a Lot While Asleep

I Dream a Lot While Asleep

My main door faces south. we sleep with  our heads in the west. I get plenty of dreams during sleep. My pooja room faces east.

Swami Nathan

Dreams are always a pleasure to see but if they are night mares you get up tired the next morning. So keep your head in the south and sleep. South being further most from the powerful magnetic current of the north, one gets sound sleep , without nightmares, pooja direction is perfect so don’t worry.

My main door faces southwest, I sleep on the west. I am single and trying for last two years to get married. I also wish to change my job. There is a lot of unnecessary clashes/frustration at home. What do you suggest?


It seems that your sleeping location is not as per vastushastra. Keep your head in the east or the southwest and sleep.

I am a college student. My DOB is 21 august 1979. My main door face north and I sleep with my head towards the west. What can I do to be successful in academic job or business?

Chaitanya niphadkar

To get good grades it is advisable to keep your head in the east and sleep in the southeast corner of your house. Face east or northeast while studying.

My husband Arun’s DOB is 10 September 1940. Main door of our house is at west and his head while sleeping is at east. We are in very difficult financial position. Whatever business he start he runs into loss. He is working very hard but no success.

As per vastushastra door in the west is average, if your bedrooms are in the south and you sleep with your head in the south. Please sleep in the southwest corner of your house for better results.

A friend is not returning my money. My daughters are not getting married. My son does not get a good job. Our main door is in the southwest facing southeast I sleep with my head in the east.


Your house seems to be quite negatively used internally. It seems that you are aleepinh in the northwest bedroom and that is coming in your way. Locate the southwest corner of your house and sleep with your head in the south.

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