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I Am Jobless For Last Two Years

I Am Jobless For Last Two Years

The main door faces north. We sleep with our heads in the south. Our daughter sleeps with us in the living room and son sleeps in the bedroom, we have our mandir in the bedroom on the west wall loft since we moved to this house in the 1966 we have faced acute financial problems. I am jobless for the last two years. My children are having problems studying. My brother and friends who have borrowed money are not repaying. All of us have health problems.

From your description, it seems your bedroom location is not correct. Your interior layout must not be as per the tents of vastushastra, so consult an expert with a proper house plan.

From the time we have purchased this house, we have faced problems with finance and health. Mom and dad sleep with their heads in the west. My sister, brother and I sleep with Heads in The east. Our house in an L shape. The front door opens at west and back door at west and back door at east. Our hall and bedroom are at the west.  

Monica martin

If one sleeps with head in the west, one will not be able to, mange money property or save. Tell your dad to keep his head in the south sleep. Things will change for best results however professional micro level advice is recommended.

The main door of my flat faces southeast and the safety door faces southwest after cover balcony. After internal modification, I have to make kitchen in southeast bedroom in northwest, study room in northeast pooja room in northeast and WC/ bath at southwest6 corner.

As per your description, your house does not seem to be as per vaastu and the change you are planning are also not as per the tenets of vaastu. Consult proper vaastu experts to get the best out of life.

 I am a student of final year architecture and interested in learning vastushastra. I would like to know if you teach or know of anyone else who could teach me

Abha garg

 I am soon going to start a 6-mopnth diploma course in Vastushastra in association with two reputed institutes in Mumbai which teaches theory. Practicals and computer software of Vastu developed by me.

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