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Happiness Has Never Been in My Favour

Happiness Has Never Been in My Favour

The main entrance to my flat I north, sleeping direction head towards the east, and sometimes head towards the west. My kitchen is in the southeast and its entrance is from the west. Happiness and finance have never been in my favor. At 61, I am still working to support my family in which I have two sick persons. But now I am feeling tired.

Madhu Varma

Considering your age, you should keep your head in the southeast and keep your feet in the northwest. This will keep you healthier to support your family should also keep their hade in the southeast and sleep.

We are three brothers though only I stay in Mumbai. Our house is in our father’s name. For a long time now, we are all having health and financial problems. I am married with two children and the earning member in this house. Our main door is situated in the south. My father’s bedroom is in the northeast. He sleeps with his head in the east. Mine is in the northwest. We sleep with our heads in the north. Our kitchen is in the east, with the gas stove in the southeast and the sink in the east. The bathroom and toilet are both in the southeast to right of the main entrance. Our Pooja ghar is in our bedroom facing east, exactly opposite the entrance to the room.

V Y Pai

First thing: from tonight, keep your head in the south and sleep. Never keep your head north while sleeping. As that does not allow the brain to rest properly. Your father should also keep his head in the south and sleep. Other things in your house seem to be okay.

My main door faces east and we sleep with our heads in the east. Ever since I got married, I am having lots of problems, especially due to in-laws. My mother expired in December 2001 due to these problems and from last one year I am without a job.


To give you proper advice, I require the location of your bedroom also. It is advisable to have your bedroom in the south of your flat. The sleeping direction of your head is okay as per Vastu.

I am going through very bad financial period. Main door is such that we enter south and exit north. We sleep north – south or east – west. Cooking platform is in the southwest; bedroom is in the south; toilet/ bath is in the east.

Veronica D’souza

Your house seems to be as per Vastu at macro level but unfortunately at micro level it’s not being utilized positively. Keep your head in proper south and feet in north while sleeping and if you have kids they should keep their head in east and sleep.

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