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Going Through a Bad Financial Phase For The Last Two Years

Going Through a Bad Financial Phase For The Last Two Years

My colony is built on reclaimed mangroves and we are still surrounded by them. There is a big nulla flowing nearby. Our main door faces south under staircase. Toilet and bedroom are adjacent to the main door in the west. Living room and bedroom windows are in the east. Kitchen is in the northwest with window and platform in the west. Just outside, adjoining the main door under the staircase, are the electrical meters and junction boxes. I am single and I sleep with head in southeast direction. Have been through a very bad financial phase for the past two years.


Sleep in the southwest corner of the room and keep your head in the east. Things will improve slowly.

Main door faces southeast (from inside), big window faces southwest. Bedroom: entrance north, one window towards southwest and second window towards north. My sleeping position: head towards NW, sometimes in hall with head north.

Vijay Joshi

Please avoid keeping your head in the north or northwest. Keep it in the southeast or south – i.e. on the opposite side. This will help you to get proper sleep. It seems your bedroom is in the south corner of your house. If so, please sleep in your bedroom only.

While renovating our flat, the wall dividing the balcony (on the east) and the room was demolished to get a bigger room. This was converted into two rooms (bedroom and hall) by putting a four- folding wooden partition with a small door on one of the folds. This small door opens towards west to south. Now the beam is visible. The double bed was placed below and crossing the beam head towards east. Now the bed is placed below and parallel to the beam head towards south and we also sleep on the bed with our heads in the south. The main door is in on the west. Kitchen window is facing south. Kitchen platform L – shape, east- south. The gas stove and the cooking water drum are kept on the platform on the south knobs facing north. The drinking water is also kept on the south above the kitchen sink. Kitchen is visible from the main entrance door. Hot air from the kitchen is pouring to the hall. How do we get over bad times?

Lovely Jose

Your question is too long and confusing but demolishing walls cannot be the cause of your problems. Kitchen sink is in a negative location. Please keep the drinking water storage in north. Your sleeping angle is proper. If possible make plaster of pairs ceiling in the sleeping area below the beam.

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