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Finance Without Proof of Income

Finance Without Proof of Income

My house is L- shaped. I lost my first baby, a son, when he was a year and eight months old, on 3 August 2000, we don’t know the reason for his death. Now I have a baby daughter, Rachael, who is eight month old. She has a urinary infection and is under treatment. Ever since my son died, I have been having problems with my husband. We had a love marriage but now seem to be fighting every day. I have noticed this ever since we shifted into this house. Financially, mentally and socially we are facing problems. But we cannot change our residence. My husband has lost his job.

Neena Nadar

While sleeping, all of you simply keep your head towards church gate / VT / Kanayakumari and legs towards virar / Karjat / Kashmir. This will work quite positively for you.

I have a peculiar problem. My parents were never able to stay together consistently. Now I too have a strained relationship with my life partner. This started two years ago when my father expired. My wife lives separately with my kids. She also left within six months of my father’s death. Does this problem have any connection with the house we live in?

H Amol

It’s possible. Please e-mail a proper plan to me with proper cardinal directions.

My problem is that there are lot of quarrels and fights between me and my parents. Everyone in my joint family have their separate rooms except a common kitchen & bathroom. But our room is not straight; it is little curved to the right, like a diagonal. I have been told that such a curved room is the cause of our fights and financial problems. Is this true? If yes, then what should we do about it. Also close to our house is a mango tree, which according to Vastu it shouldn’t be. Any solution to it.


Shapes of room do not create much of problems in the house but locations of room and sleeping angles can create irritations or health problems.

My date of birth is 6th May 1969 & my wife’s date of birth is 30th June 1975. My main door opens from north and we sleep with our head facing east. Is it good?

Anil Chandrakant Padwal

Door opening towards north is good and sleeping with head in east and not west will be better.

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