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Expert Advice 55

Expert Advice 55

My mother’s date of birth is 4 November 1961 and my father’s is 23 March 1951. They have very strained relations.

Steven Iverson

As I have said, that the birth date is not at all important in Vastushastra. Their maybe other reason for strained relationship. Maybe you are using southeast area of your house for sleeping? Or are they keeping their heads in the west or northwest or north or northeast while sleeping? Please advice them to keep their heads in the south or southeast while sleeping.

What are the best positions in a flat which are positive? Which are the ways to block negative energies? Which position should the main door and bedroom door face?

Manoj Jayantilal

Each and every location in the house has a different role to play as per the tenets of Vastushastra. Hence it is very difficult to pinpoint a ‘best’ position. Any type of storage unit or storage areas help to block negative energies, the main door can face any direction, but other rooms in the house like bedrooms, kitchen etc – should be as per Vastushastra, the interior should be done in such a way that the maximum amount of Vastushastra tenets are followed. The position of the bedroom door depends on whose bedroom it is – master, son, parents, guest?

My main door is in the north, I sleep with my head to north. I am the eldest in the house.

B P Thakur

First thing first, tonight onwards keep your head in the south when you sleep and the thing will start improving fast, don’t worry about the entrance of your house.

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