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Expert Advice 36

Expert Advice 36

I am married and my DOB is 17 August 1970. My father’s DOB is 18 April 1940. Our main door is from NE and daddy’s bedroom is SW. he sleeps with his head towards the south. My bedroom is in the west and I sleep with my head in the south. The kitchen is in the west and we cook facing SE. our toilet is in SE and bathroom is in SW. my wife’s DOB is 5 January 1973, my sister’s DOB is 6 June 1980, my mother’s DOB is 30 October 1949.

My sister sleeps in the NW with her head in the west. My father faces very regular legal problems in his business and family. Whatever we earn goes very fast. Please let me know the remedy to this.

Name withheld

Your house seems to be very good as per Vastushastra tenets. Regarding litigations, Vastu may not be the cause. Description of your sister’s sleeping location seems to be slightly negative. She should keep her in the east and sleep.

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