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Expert Advice 10

Expert Advice 10

I am living in my father’s flat. The main door is in northwest position. It opens towards north. My problem is in the southeast. Hall is in northeast. The children’s room is in southwest. Neither min nor my son’s business is satisfactory. There is no peace in the house. Finances are very tight. I am looking for a good match for my daughter and son, but facing problems. Please help.

Rakesh Jain

Your entrance is in average direction but it is very important to have bedrooms and kitchen in the right locations, as they are the most important components of Vastushastra due to the southeast location of the master bedroom, there are chances of continuous irritation between wife and husband. My suggestion is to move to the children’s bedroom as its location is the most powerful one in the house. It must have made your kids boss around the house! But please keep your head in the south or southwest while sleeping. The hall is in a good location as it helps to achieve closeness in the family.

My son’s date of birth is 31 July 1979. He has done his engineering. Though he has completed college, he has not yet passed one paper5 of the final year for the past two years. He has appeared for the exam five times. But he is yet to clear it.

Mrs. Sharma

It seems the concentration capacity of your son is very low. Please make him face northeast when studying and if possible sit in the northeast corner of your house. This will help increase his concentration.

I am looking for a house. What basic things are to be taken care of? And what would happen if one does not follow the principles of Vastu, because within stipulated budget and area, it becomes difficult to go strictly by Vastu.

Kirti Patel

Master bedroom in southwest or south. A child’s bedroom in east or southeast. Kitchen in south or southeast. Sleeping always with head in east or south.

We are redesigning our house and the master bedroom is in the southeast- southwest. The bed is across the eastern wall, in the centre. While sleeping, the head Is on the east facing west. The child’s bedroom is in northeast- northwest. The bed is placed exactly the same way. Is this good?

R Nair

Southwest position is very good and head in also good. The children’s bedroom in the northeast is also good and the sleeping angle is excellent.

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