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Everything I Do Seems to Go Wrong

Everything I Do Seems to Go Wrong

I have one daughter. My DOB is December 8, 1970. My main door faces south my wife and I sleep with our heads in the south. I am an army officer. These days I feel stressed. These days I feel stressed and everything I do seems to be going wrong. Financially also expenses and responsibilities have increased manifold. I want to start a business in my wife’s name will it be fruitful? My wife DOB is May 23, 1972.

Mr. Army officer, in Vastu there is no relation of name or birth date with new business. Go ahead and start your venture, but before that locate the southwest corner of your head in the south. This will increase your chances of success.

My main door is facing south. I sleep with my head to the east & feet to the west. I am an engineering graduate and it’s been one year since I passed out but I still have not found a suitable job.

From the description of your sleeping direction, you must be a brilliant student and must have got good grades. I fail to understand why you are still jobless. Try sleeping in southwest corner of your house and thing will change.

I am 28 years and married in 1996. My DOB is April 26, 1974 and wife’s DOB is October 25, 1975 and sons DOB are June 16, 1999. We sleep with heads to the east. Our kitchen is in the northwest, door is in southwest corner, money cupboard neither is in southwest corner, neither prosperity nor luck favors’ this house. We also have career and personal problems.


Do not upset. Things go wrong sometimes change god`s direction to the northeast corner and for mental peace sleep with your head in the south.

My DOB is May 26, 1974. May brother`s DOB April 25,1980 my father`s is December 25, 1994 and my mother DOB May 7,1955. All of us are earning members. What should be our sleeping directions?


Coincidentally all four of you are ‘West group’ people. You have common lucky and unlucky directions. The W, NE, NW and SW are common lucky direction for you. The S, N, E and SE are common unlucky directions for all of you. Your main door facing the N is not lucky for all of to you, but it only means that you will have to work harder! All of you should sleep with your heads to one of your lucky directions.

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