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Don’t Get Along with My Wife

Don’t Get Along with My Wife

My main door is facing east. I sleep with my head to the east and feet to the west. I am having lots of problems financially and work wise. I don’t get along with my wife, and have no children.

N Shetty

It seems that you are sleeping in the southeast corner of your house. This corner keeps the mind irritated, leading to fights with close associates at work as well at home. So avoid this direction and sleep with your head to the south.

The main door is in the southwest and the master bedroom in the northeast with an attached bedroom in the northeast. It is okay if we use the toilet in that bathroom? Children’s room is in the east and hall in the northwest. There is a big window in the north of the master bedroom. We have kept one cupboard in the northwest and the other in the northeast, both facing each other. We have placed all heavy items on the southeast corner of our rooms.

Ramanujam I

The door location is not at all important in Vastu today. I have already said earlier that door location importance was given in Vastushastra to set a direction for layman – so he was told that the door of the house should face the rising sun (east). Northeast is a good location for the master bedroom in the east and if they can face east while studying they could score good marks.

I was married for 21 years and works with MNC for almost 24 years, out of which four years were spent overseas. Everything was smooth. I bought a new house in April 2000 and shifted during that period. I lost my wife in September 2001 to cancer. Two sons, 20 and 18, are not so good at studies and do not eat properly. I sleep with head to the east. Main door faces south. My sons also sleep with their heads to the east. Study table is in the northeast.

Arjun Parab

Vastu takes a long time to show its effects. It does not work overnight. So your wife’s death need not be blamed on your new house. Tell your sons to keep their heads to the south when they sleep, and things will improve.

My door is in the west and I sleep with head sometimes to the east and sometimes to the south. I am confused about my career and am not getting a good job.

Parsad Kudalkar

You are quite okay as per the tenets of Vastushastra so don’t worry. If possible keep your head in east and sleep and don’t get confused.

My son Pawan Pandurang Desai is an electronics and telecommunications engineer. He has a job in Bangalore but the company is not very sound. He has been trying at a number if places but so far there has not been any response. We want him to settle down in life as early as possible. Our house in Bangalore is on the first floor, the main door to our entrance on the ground floor opens north. His bedroom entrance faces east. At the same time, it also faces the steps going down to the main entrance. He sleeps with his head south.

You have not mentioned the location of your son’s bedroom bit I presume that it is located in west or south of your house. As per Vastu, it is a good location. Tell your son to keep his head in the east and sleep. Things should improve. If you have a bedroom in the southwest. Let him use that.

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