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Career and Marriages Just Do Not Materialise

Career and Marriages Just Do Not Materialise

I live in chawl type home on the ground floor, with a small Gallery and a single room                (10 x 10 feet) The gallery has a kitchen (facing north) with a bathroom opposite it (south).     This gallery has its main door in the west (opening outward, i.e. west) and also has an entry (without a door) into the living room this room inside also has a door in the south (opening inwards, i.e. north). All of in the family sleep with our heads in the south. We have persistent financial and health problems. Career and marriages just do not materialise


From your description, I can see that your house must be in the extreme northwest corner of your head location in south (if your direction in right) is the best location. Being a Muslim, you do not have the choice of cast to keep your head.

We have just bought a flat at vasai west. The main door, kitchen window and living room are all in the east. One bedroom has its window in the east and the other in the north. How do we plan our furniture and sleeping habits, drinking water etc.?


Your door direction is good. To get the best from your house, sleep in south corner of the house with your head in the east.

My home’s entry faces northeast, master bedroom is in the west corner, and kitchen is in the east corner. My family lacks financial happiness. My working table faces northeast.


Your house is okay as per Vaastu but you must be keeping your head in the west and sleeping. That is the reason why financial happiness is lacking.

I am the only earning person in my family. I am looking for a 2BHK house and I would like to know what should be our consideration as per Vaastu. Please tell me what the following should be: position of kitchen; position of master bedroom; sleeping direction for myself, my wife, my daughter and my mother; any other considerations.

Rajesh varshney

It is good that you have decide to use a Vaastu consultant BEFORE you finalize a flat. My sincere advice is to avail the services of a qualified consultant and let him help you finalize the purchase.

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