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Cannot Concentrate on Studies

Cannot Concentrate on Studies

I sleep in my cousin’s shop in the night adjacent to his flat. I am a science postgraduate but even after struggling hard I am not getting a stable job. I also have an affair with a girl and our marriage has been fixed. My room’s door faces west and I sleep with my head towards the east. I get dust allergy resulting in continuous sneezing and suffocation.

Sibushanker Nair

 To get the benefits of Vastushastra, one should be staying in a place for a long time. From your description, you are okay as per Vaastu and your health problem could be because you sleep on dusty floor of the shop.


My date of birth is 12 October 1973. My house main door is northward. We sleep southward.

Raji George 

Again the same old question: birth date and door location. If door locations are to be based on the birth dates then every house in Mumbai should have as many doors as the number of people staying in the house, with each one using a different door to get in and out. Well Raji, keeping your head in the southwest will make you quite commanding and happy. Don’t worry.


My main door faces north, windows faces east. We sleep with our head to the east. I am always tense and there is no mental peace. Although my married life is peaceful but family peace is not there. Please suggest a solution.

Ketan shah

From your description, your house seems to be ok as per Vaastushastra but a solution to your tensions is to keep your head in south and sleep, as south will give proper rest to your brain and keep it healthy and strong to face any problems and hardship of life. Other reason could be your work place, which may not be as per Vaastushastra.


I am a male staying in a hostel on the sixth floor (last floor). The door of my room faces north which have two ventilators above it. Just opposite the door are two windows facing south. Above these windows ventilators, which are covered by opaque glasses? I sleep in the southeast corner of the room facing my head towards east. I always keep the drinking water in a copper pot just behind the bed. I sit near my bed, facing east for studying. We are ten students staying here and we also dry our clothes here. Ours is a common bathroom and toilet in the east side of the hostel. There are other two rooms between the toilet and our room. There is a common veranda outside the rooms. My date of birth is 29 may 1975 and my problem is that I can’t concentrate on studies.


It seems that your directions are wrong or any have just started using this hostel accommodation recently. I have always said that Vaastushastra takes time to be effective and if your directions are right things will improve as time progress and lack of concentration could be due to your old accommodation directions.

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