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The invisible magnetic energy

29 May, 2019 The invisible magnetic energy

The invisible magnetic energy

By now you must be well aware what is Vastushastra, many questions arising in your mind must be already answered, still I have received some question from the readers and they have not understood some of the basics of Vastushastra. Well before going ahead with other articles on Vastushastra I will revise the earlier articles in question answer format. These questions have also been asked by many readers in different format.

Q.1   Which are the two most important factors, which govern Vastushastra tenants?

Ans.: Well I have already elaborated on the factors of Vastushastra in earlier article now in this articles I will elaborated on 4 types of natural energies which consists of Vastushastra tenants, this natural energies are

1) Sun energies: By staying sun energies I am not stating sun light but I am talking about life giving energies of sun. All living being from plants to animal’s birds and human being are alive due to sun and if the sun dose not rises for few months I don’t think god can also help us.

2) Magnetic field of earth: There is an invisible magnetic energy in the atmosphere of the earth governed by north and south magnetic poles this is a very vital energy which rules ones health. Our blood consisting of iron cells called hemoglobin can be regulated to one's advantage by following Vastushastra tenants based on these energies.

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