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Effect of ozone layer

29 May, 2019 Effect of ozone layer

Effect of ozone layer

Few more answers to your confusion.

Q.2   How does solar science work in Vastushastra?

Ans.: It is a scientifically accepted fact that sun emits different type of rays on the earth in a very stronger proportion and ozone layers helps to reduce the effect of the same, unfortunately due to reducing ozone layer we are bombarded by more strong sun rays affecting our health. Shelter constructed as per Vastushastra helps one to utilize the sun energies in positive manner by helping to block negative energies with help thicker walls lots of plantation, wardrobes etc. and inviting more positive energies in the house by keeping positive direction open and light.

Q.3   What is the role of magnetic field of earth in Vastushastra?

Ans.: The magnetic field of the earth affects the human being directly as we have hemoglobin and iron cells in our blood, which are directly affected by magnetic, pull. More powerful the magnetic current the circulation of blood becomes faster. Due to faster circulation the purification process of blood improves which is turn enhances physical and mental health of the person. And if a person is healthy he can think positively act wisely and therefore succeed.

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