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Creates Microclimate

29 May, 2019 Creates Microclimate

Creates Microclimate

Two more answers to your confusion.

Q.4   what role dose winds play in Vastushastra and is this form of natural energy relevant today?

Ans.: Today we hardly use wind flow as a cooling factor in the premises. We normally use artificial wind or cold wind generating equipment like fan and air conditioners in our premises but still in rural area i.e. village houses this energy is used as important source of air circulation in the premises i.e. and if tenants of Vastushastra are followed properly a comfortable microclimate can be created in the premises without wasting electricity. In India we have two wind directions i.e. south west and north east summer and rainy season the wind blows from southwest and in winter it flows from the cooler direction north east.

Q.5  Is gravitational force still relevant is today’s construction system?

Ans.: Yes as said earlier this force is very much relevant today as the gravitational pull of the earth is same as olden times but only thing which has changed is the invention of word called science and system and style of construction method. Today we have engineers to calculate the load factors of the structure and design the structure in such a way that it can defy this natural pull of the earth.

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