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What And Why Of Vastushastra

26 Mar, 2019 What And Why Of Vastushastra

What And Why Of Vastushastra

Till now I have talked about what is Vastushastra now I will try and tell you ‘Why’ Vastushastra in the following articles.

The person who needs a house and a family in one who is happy to be materialistic. He does not mind being confined by questions. He does not need answer. He wants to satiate his emotions. Majority falls under this category because of this perhaps our sage’s felt they should use their knowledge to make the lives of the common people better. Sages were the men who attained enlightenment. They knew the question as well as the answer. They tried to spread truth through scriptures and make life better for the common people.

One more intriguing question you might have is that if Vastushastra delivers whatever it promises, we should all be much happier than we are now .One thing you should keep in mind is that Vastushastra is only an attempt at raising your quality of life. Quality of life depends on your physical and mental well being and financial standing Vastushastra relates health to money and gives its stipulations. This does not mean that Vastushastra can interfere with destiny.

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