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Vastushastra as Applicable in Modern Context

26 Mar, 2019 Vastushastra as Applicable in Modern Context

Vastushastra as Applicable in Modern Context

The fourth factor is wind and its energies. In Vastushastra there are two sets of Vastushastra Tenets based on wind energies. The first one considers wind in its milder form which we may call air or fresh air. This energy is recommended to be used for ventilation purposes. Vastushastra tenets recommended position of window along with its size also if the recommended are follows it would help to channelize wind and create a good comfort zone in the house but, today who uses natural ventilation we use fan to generate wind for our comfort, air-conditions are used to create micro climate in the room, hence this Vastushastra tenets are no more relevant today. 

The second sets of Vastushastra tenets based on wind energies also are not relevant in today’s context. Still I will throw some insight to this. Second set consist of tenets that are based on destructive capabilities of wind energies i.e. storms typhoons Gail’s etc. Vastushastra recommends thicker wall in south west side to block destructive wind as India is the only country where we get monsoon storms from south west. Vastu also recommends many other thing e.g. thick plantation, tall and thick compound wall etc. in south west direction, This minute detail we will get into at a letter stage As I have said above new technology has made this factors unimportant as the modern structure are always designed to with stand the strongest blows of rain and wind.

Coming to the end of this article I am getting a nice feeling as I am satisfied probably as you are, as I have dealt with the scientific basis of Vastushastra is detail and have logically analyzed maximum tenets of Vastushastra as applicable in modern context.

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