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Vastu is Not Merely a Prosperity Principle

Vastu is Not Merely a Prosperity Principle

It is widespread belief that Vastushastra promises prosperity. Unfortunately, that is not so. Vaastu shows you a way to stay in tune with nature and to achieve good mental and physical health, And if you are healthy, you perform better and achieve your goals.

My main door faces west, and I sleep with my head to the south. There is no growth in my finances and I am worried about the future of my children. My kitchen platform is in the southeast corner.

Om prakash yadav

 Keep your head in the south is good for you. Other things are also okay. My suggestion is to give Vaastu sometime to show results.

The main entrance of my flat faces north. We sleep with our legs towards the north. The kitchen platform is also in the north . Ever since I occupied this flat, it has brought bad luck. My wife committed suicide and my son went astray.

Nikhil Bansod

 I am very sorry about your problems but I’m sure that vaastu is not the cause. For your and your sons future, keep your heads in the east and sleep. A kitchen platform in the north is not good. If you can create a new platform in the east or south and keep your burner on it for cooking, it would be better for you.

I propose to start a business the main entrance of the building is towards north.

Vinod Singh

You have to sleep with your head in the east face east when you work sit in the southwest corner in your office. Your staff should face north in the office. However, for best results in your business, ask a good Vaastu consultant to orient your office properly.

I am a regular reader of your column. I want to buy a house/ flat. In which location should the entrance, kitchen etc be ? My DOB is October 17, 1972 I am studying in the north direction and sleeping in the northeast direction.

Varghese Poulose.

 If you were a regular reader of my column, you would not have sent your date of birth! When you buy a house the entrance door should face east (rising sun) from inside so that there is a fair chance the bedrooms will be in the south. This would be beneficial for you. Have your kitchen in the southeast and the living room in the north or northeast.

My main door is in the southwest. Bedroom is in the west My wife and I sleep with our heads in the west, getting up to face the east. My daughter sleeps with her, slightly off here sleeping position is the Southwest with the sink in the west. Please advise optimum positions for prosperity.

As your door is in the southwest I presume your living room also falls in the southwest and this is best location for the bedroom sleep in your living  room with your head in the south and make your daughter sleep with her head in the east.

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