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Pray Facing East

Pray Facing East

My date of birth is 27 August 1965. There are two doors located in the SE corner of my flat for entering into the room. The first door opens outside and the second door opens inside towards east. Just opposite is another door opening towards NE. I prefer to keep my temple (God’s photographs) in the front room for daily Pooja. Please advise me in which direction these should be placed.

Ramesh Kumaran

As said earlier, doors are not at all important in Vastushastra today. God’s pictures should be kept in the NE location and while praying you should be. Facing east.

In your answer to a query (mid day,26 April 2002), you have asked someone to “keep the head in the south when you sleep..” is this true for everyone irrespective of the birth date? My birth date 25 may 1945. Does sleeping with the head in the south apply to me too?

Rohinton Mehta

Keeping the head in the south is applicable to everyone in the northern hemisphere, irrespective of birthdates.

I wanted to know if the opening of the door in the east is okay according to Vastushastra. Also could you please advise me on some books on this subject?

Dinesh Amin

Door opening east is good as per Vastushastra. Any book that gives reasons for its tenets and does not confuse readers would be a good book.

Our main door used to open in the east, but we have covered our passage so now our door opens in the south please suggest how I can prosper.

Nitin D

As said earlier, door is not at all important in Vastushastra today.

I am going to shift with my family to a new flat. The flat has NE facing entrance. Is this good according to Vastu or not? Which direction should sleep to get the benefit of Vastu? Which is the best place or direction to keep a small temple in the house for doing daily prayers? Where should I keep my cash and other important things in the house?


The door is in a good direction. You should keep your head in the east and sleep. The mandir is to be kept in the NE and one should face east while praying. Cash should be kept in a safe and secure place and don’t worry about Vastushastra.

My birth date is 24 August 1977. I sleep with my head to the north. My main door faces east. What are the best positions in a flat that are positive? What are the ways to block negative energies? Which direction should the main door and bedroom door face?

Dhiraj S. Mandwe

Immediately change the head location to south and sleep. Things will improve bit it will take a few months. Door is in good direction. Bedroom in SW is the best.

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